Yoga and History of Yoga

Yoga an Introduction

Yoga is a Sanskrit world that comes from the same root as the Latin “Yoke”- to joint together; perhaps the best translation of it would be UNION.


  • Union of body
  • Union of conscious and unconscious mind (or bringing the unconscious into awareness)
  • Union of “lower self” and “higher self“
  • Union of individual soul and the divine
  • Union of one’s male side and female side
  • Union of yin and yang
  • Union of “every nature” with your true nature[/starlist]

So yoga is “union”. A sage named ptanjali codified yoga many thousand of year ago. (he did not originate yoga, just wrote down practices). In his work called “YOGA SUTRA” he says,
Yoga is control of the vrittis of mind”.
Vrittis are waves or modification such as thoughts, memories, and emotions. It is not that these waves are bed or evil but just as the waves of lake scatter the light and keep you form seeing your reflection, the vrittis keep you from seeing your true self. He goes on to say,
“When the vrittis are controllable, the seer abides in his own true nature.”
Here is another way to look at it: everything has “True Nature”, that essence that comes forth when you just leave things alone in their nature environment. For example:


  • Water is cool
  • A mountain is still
  • A lump coal is black
  • A diamond is hard
  • Fire is consuming[/starlist]

So what is true nature of human beings- your true nature? Someone searching for this, someone trying to be one with one’s own true nature is a yogi(male), or yogini(female).

History of yoga

Yoga dates back 5,000 years, between 2700 and 1750 BC, on the Indian subcontinent of the Indus valley where is highly organized civilized furnished. Very little documentary evidence exist of their early history, but a few archeological artifacts founded in cave. 5000-years-old ceramics from the ancient cities of Mojendro-daro and Harppa depict yoga position. The Vedas were complied more than 5000 years rishis (seer) and yogis. The Indian civilization did not drive from the indo-European invaders since it existed before their arrival.

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