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Holy Town gathers to clean up feeder and water canals

On this weekend, the town gathered to clean up the feeder water canals of Pushkar Lake. The feeder channels constructed under National Lake Conservation Project were in terrible condition due to improper maintenance. An initiative Shramdaan were taken by Local Media Agencies and social activist to bring people together and make small contribution for Pushkar Lake, and they succeed too.

Residents, including children were seen with great enthusiasm participated in the cleaning activities drive that lasted for three – four hours. It was really a much needed step before monsoon to raise the water flow in Pushkar Lake.
Just look out a statement made while construction of feeder in year 2010 “If earlier only 6% of rain water made it to the lake now with a lot of work done on lining the feeders, the lake should receive 50% of the rain water.” But due to improper maintenance of feeder the figure is much far.
There is an urgent need of timely and efficient actions. Let’s take the responsibility in our own hands we must not hesitate to take the minute steps on our behalf. We being the youth must try to contribute in every possible way and make Pushkar a truly smart city.
PushkarGuide.com salutes the spirit of Pushkarites. And appreciate the effort made by active media houses of Pushkar, whatsapp activist Nathu Ji (https://www.facebook.com/nathusharma) and Amit bhatt (https://www.facebook.com/amit.bhatt.98229)for priceless effort.
The efforts and enthusiasm won’t go in vain and We wish that the rain gods will smile at the temple town of Pushkar and we will see a huge flow of water coming from Kharkheri Feeder , Savitri Feeder and Pushkar Feeder towards Pushkar Lake. :-)

Images Gallery of Shramdaan

Dust storm rajasthan news

Dust storm hits West Rajasthan

A powerful sandstorm hit Pushkar on Tuesday causing widespread damage to private and public buildings in the city including power outages. The storm first hit Jaisalmer around 2 pm with wind speed of 80 kmph, later shifting to Phalodi and Barmer by 3:30 pm with winds gusting up to 90 kmph and 80 kmph, respectively. A sharp drop in temperature coincided with the dust storm, falling almost five degrees The storm with high velocity winds was generated due to pressure gradient force over Bikaner region and soon advanced to Jodhpur, Nagaur, Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur and nearby areas, according to MeT department in Jaipur.

And incredible pictures taken


TV Commercial of Idea Cellular – IIN – Chef

A recent TV Commercial of Idea Cellular was filmed here in Pushkar – The brand Idea is known for its creative ads whether it is Walk-n-Talk, No ullu banawing or the IIN (Idea Internet Network). The IIN ads have targeted a varied consumer segment where it portrays people who couldn’t complete their studies for whatever reasons, finally looking content after having joined IIN.

This advertisement tells the success story of a chef, who started a food chain named Lake View café by obtaining knowledge from IIN. With a beautiful location of Holy Town Pushkar and creative concept this Idea ad film is worth watching. :-)

Watch TV Commercial of Idea Cellular IIN


Uttar Pradesh government announces free pilgrimage to Pushkar Ajmer

Uttar Pradesh government announces free pilgrimage to Pushkar Ajmer in Rajasthan for senior citizen with other five shrines Jagannath Puri in Orissa, Dwarka in Gujarat, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has reportedly issued instructions to the Department of Religious Affairs to run at least one train for pilgrims at the government’s expense every two months to various religious places.

Special trains will be booked by IRCTC, each carrying 1,000 pilgrims along with the staff whose names will be sent by District Magistrates.

Source : indianexpress.com



Rajasthan Lakes (protection and development) Authority Bill

If you are concern about Pushkar Lake this news is for you. Rajasthan High Court has banned construction on the catchment area of the lakes basin. The state assembly on Saturday passed the Rajasthan Lakes (protection and development) Authority Bill. Urban Development and Housing Minister Rajpal Singh Shekhawat said it provides for the development and protection of lakes and for the constitution of a lake development authority.

As per the bill, all lakes in the state except the private properties situated in such lakes shall vest in the state government and no person shall undertake any activity within the boundaries of Lake or use or draw any produce or water from a lake otherwise than in accordance with the permission granted by the authority.

The lake development authority has been given widespread powers and henceforth, the Ajmer Development Authority (ADA) will not only be the nodal agency for the Anasagar but also for the Pushkar Lake.

No construction will be allowed in the protected area without obtaining prior permission of the authority.




Pushkar Phool Mandi

Pushkar flower market to get a cooling plant


Rajasthan Government today said that the flower market in Pushkar of Ajmer district will soon get a cooling chamber to keep the flowers fresh.

BJP MLA Suresh Rawat during Question Hour of the budget session of the state Assembly alleged that tailor shops were running in the flower market of Pushkar as there was no proper infrastructure for flower growers.

He also said there was no “phool mandi” (flower market) in Phulera of Jaipur district.

Rawat further claimed that reply made by Agriculture and Marketing Minister Prabhu Lal Saini was “wrong” and officials responsible for providing ‘wrong reply’ should be punished.

Source : Business Standard


Pushkar Badshah Festival

Holi after Holi in Pushkar – Badshah Festival Pushkar

Its rangpanchami today and the town celebrated Badshah FestivalSarvan Parashar was selected as Badshah and the town celebrated this festival with fun, color, music and madness. Every corner of Pushkar would echo with DJ and band music. Colors, street food and sprinklers entice not only locals, but tourists as well.

Great Enthusiasm to celebrate the festival was equal across all age groups as men; women and youngsters were seen drenching one another with colour. Pushkar Nagar Palika Chairman Mr. Kamal Pathak and other Political leaders were also seen enjoying the festival.

Have look at the photos its worth looking


Pushkar Holi 2015 – Festival of Colors

Get ready for festival of color on this 6th of November as it’s observed on the full moon day of Phagun (12th) month in Hindu calendar. It is one of the best occasions to experience Pushkar at its happiest. Holi festival is celebrated by Hindus across India and across the globe for the victory of good over bad. Come holi and the streets will reverberate with the chants of Holi hai…..People enjoy the day with colors, music, dance, sweets and “bhang”..!

There is also a tradition of consuming the very intoxicating bhang on this day to further enhance the spirit of Holi. It is so much fun to watch the otherwise sober people making a clown of them in full public display. Some, however, take bhang in excess and spoil the spirit. Caution should therefore be taken while consuming bhang delicacies.

Pushkar Holika Dahan Muhurta

Holika Dahan Muhurta = 18:31 to 20:59
Duration = 2 Hours 28 Mins
Bhadra Punchha = 05:36 to 06:56
Bhadra Mukha = 06:56 to 09:09

Purnima Tithi Begins = 20:57 on 4/Mar/2015
Purnima Tithi Ends = 23:35 on 5/Mar/2015



Smart City Ajmer Pushkar

Smart city is a buzz word now a days. As a part of Ajmer our small pretty town Pushkar also comes under the concept of smart city. But what does it actually mean here we are elaborating this concept in our common and easy understandable language:

You Know Experts predict the world’s urban population will double by 2050, isn’t it alarming!! In India, the urban population is currently 31% of the total population and it contributes over 60% of India’s GDP. It is projected that urban India will contribute nearly 75% of the national GDP in the next 15 years. Lets have a look to population of Indian Metro  cities our capital Delhi has become the world’s second most populous city in 2014 after Tokyo, more than doubling its population since 1990 to 25 million, according to a UN report. And our financial capital Mumbai, which ranks sixth on the list of the world’s most populous cities in 2014, is projected to become the fourth largest city in 2030 when its population would grow to 28 million from the current 21 million.

Keeping this fact in mind it is demanded to create smart cities to facilitated this urban population

Accordingly, it is proposed that 100 cities to be developed as Smart Cities may be chosen from amongst the following:

  • One satellite city of each of the cities with a population of 4 million people or more (9 cities)
  • Most of the cities in the population range of 1-4 million people (about 35 out of 44 cities)
  • All State/UT Capitals, even if they have a population of less than one million (17cities)
  • Cities of tourist, religious and economic importance not included in above (10 cities)
  • Cities in the 0.2 to 1.0 million population range (25 cities)

:: Proposed Smarts Cities in Rajasthan::

  • Ajmer (Pushkar)
  • Bharatpur
  • Bikaner
  • Jaipur
  • Jodhapur
  • Kota
  • Udipur

Ajmer and Pushkar really deserve to be a Smart City, The city Ajmer with population of 5,51,360 holds 5th position in Rajasthan on the basis of population. The city is an attraction for both domestic and international tourists. As per news published in TOI in oct. 2014 The city receives 15,000 pilgrims every year on an average and about six lakh devotees, including celebrities, attend the yearly Urs.

In 2013 our small pretty town Pushkar attracted 4.85 lakh tourists including foreign travelers, and around 45,000 pilgrims visit this place monthly to perform their spiritual rituals.

The ambitious smart city project will help to bring world-class facilities to Ajmer. “It means smart energy, smart buildings, good transport systems, telecommunications, healthcare, traffic, sanitation, proper drinking water supply and better residential areas. Another important factor of smart city is smart governance in which the government working would need to be IT based.

Useful Links for smart city



Humanity still persists

Humanity still persists!!

It is being said “Yaar kon kiski help karta”!! But this is not so true. I witnessed a heart touchy act by a Pushkarite who took brutally injured monkey in his all new Volkswagen Vento car to hospital. On Friday at Vishramsthaly Pushkar, monkey met with an accident and got a serious cut of 6 inches on its stomach it had been bleeding since more than an hour and surprisingly the municipal official refuse to take their vehicle to hospital, but Mr. Kamlesh khatri confer his car to take monkey to the hospital.

After a veterinary surgery the monkey was saved. Mr. Kamlesh Khatri proved that Humanity still persists, when people not even bother about their own ones, this guy saved an animal. PushkarGuide.com salutes the helping nature of Mr. Kamlesh Khatri and wishes he’ll keep this spirit alive and inspire others too.