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Dussehra – Pushkar Festival

The holy town Pushkar gathered at Mela Ground Pushkar to celebrate the great festival of Dussehra on October 22 (Thursday). It is a festival that marks the victory of good over evil. After the event of Ramlila (a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Rama) it was the final performs on the tenth day a battle between Rama and Ravana. Lord Ram is made to shoot an arrow of fire at Ravana and the huge figure is burnt.

Like all festival the town celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm. A huge procession of Lord Rama reached to Mela Ground where n the middle of the ground effigy of Ravana, that can be seen from afar. Various events were performed and the entire ramlila was presented briefly. The burning was the climax of a day full of activities celebrating Dussehra, along with a fireworks display.

 Dussehra and Ramlila – Pushkar Festival Gallery


Pushkar Fair 2015 – News Update

The holy town is ready for International Pushkar Fair 2015.

As we all know the town is known for Pushkar Fair, which will be organized in the next month. The town attracts thousands of tourists and lakhs of pilgrims every year. Given this peculiarity the local administration has also decided to give it a special touch. A meeting of officers was called by District Collector Arushi Malik on preparation of this international event. Proper sanitation, lighting, parking and security were the core issues of the meeting.

pushkar-ghats-fair-2015Actually Pushkar fair is the combination of two fairs – Scared Pushkar Fair which is matter of Hindu religion and Cattle Fair where thousands of cattle traded. It is believed all the deities of Hindu came here to take holy dip in Pushkar Lake during Pushkar Fair. This sacred event last for five days commonly known as Panchtirthi Snan (Bath of Five Days) from Kartik Ekadashi to Purnima.

Thousand of foreign tourists come here to enjoy this special event. The administration organized various events and competition during Pushkar fair. The main competition can be named as Horse Race, Camel Race, Football match between Indian and Foreigners, Rangoli Competitions, Dance Competition, Bridal Competition of Foreigners, Turban Competition between foreigners, different races competition between local and tourists etc. Apart from this administration organized eye catching events like – Balloon Show Folk Dance, Cultural Events, Signing Night, Various Exhibitions to attract more tourists.




Shradh, Pind Daan, Tarpan in Pushkar

Shradh / Pitra Paksh – 2015

On the land of Lord Brahma the special rituals of Shradh / Pitra Paksha are performed in remembrance of ancestor by their families. As per hindu calendar the Krishna paksha of Ashvini month is known as shradhh and, each day is dedicated as Tithi (date) of an ancestor on the tithi he/she had passed away.

As per Padma Purana Pushkar is most significant place for performing the rituals of Shraadh for the departed souls to stay in peace and be happy. Lord Rama and Pandwa came here at Pushkar to perform here Shradha ritual for their ancestor.

According to Bhagwat Geeta

“acchedyo ’yam adahyo ’yam

akledyo ’sosya eva cha

nityah sarva-gatah sthanur

achalo ’yam sanatanah” (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 24)

“Sri Krishna said: This individual soul is unbreakable and insoluble and can be neither burned nor dried. He is everlasting; present everywhere, unchangeable, immovable and eternally the same.”

As the soul is ever lasting, Hence It became very significant to perform Shraddh during Pitru Paksha  for the departed souls to rest in peace. Shradh rituals can be performed by the family member of deceased person especially by son or grandson, few additional steps has to be flowed if the rituals are performed by other person.  It is very special event performed on the Bank of Pushkar Lake involves certain steps.

  • Sankalpa – Commitment before performing ritual describing all details.
  • Pind Daan – (Pind – round balls of flour created with special mantra for rituals) is done for for the salvation of the soul of their ancestors.
  • Tarpan or sprinkling of water is performed, along with repetitions of mantras and texts from the Veda.

Under the guidance of priest a person who is performing rituals has to repeat the mantras after the priest, two more brahmins are invited to the house during the ritual. Devotee make Donation of food, clothes after this ritual.


Ganesh Festival, Ganesh Visarjan Pushkar 2015

The day has finally arrived at the festive town Pushkar when Ganesha’s / Vinayaka’s Idol will be immersed. The devotees from Pushkar including Chairman of Nagarpalika Pushkar Shri Kamal Pathak and Managing Trustee of Shri Teerth Guru Purohit Sangh Pushkar Shri Sarvan   indulged in the procession from day when idol of Lord Ganesha was established. However In order to save the Pushkar Lake from pollution caused by Ganesh Visarjan, the idol immersion has been banned in Pushkar Lake.

It has been a huge celebration for 10 days which is ending with enthusiastic immersion procession of Lord Ganesha and the final offerings to Lord Ganesha in the form of coconuts, flowers, and sweets on the Anant Chaturdasi, the last day of 10-day Ganesh Festival.It was a touchy moment for devotees as they kept lorg ganesha for 10 days. On the day of immersion of idols at Gau Ghat, all safety measures and steps to take care of devotees’ convenience are being taken.

Pushkar Ganesh Visarjan Festival Gallery



Hanuman Jayanti 2015 – Pushkar – INDIA

Jay Hanuman

To mark the birth of Lord Hanuman, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated all over India in the month of Chaitra in Hindu calendar. Lord Hanuman symbolizes strength and unparalleled devotion and selfless service. He is the greatest devotee of Lord Ram and he is a Brahmachari (celibate) and humility is his hallmark.

The Siddheshwar temple is gearing up to mark the occasion, as the number of visitors is expected to rise around this date, April 3 (Today).

It is believed that regular visitors to the temple will gain special favour of Lord Hanuman. Hundreds of people visit the temple to offer prayers to the deity on every Tuesday and Saturday. The temple celebrates Hanuman Jayanti with various spiritual and religious events.


Pushkar Holi 2015 – Festival of Colors

Get ready for festival of color on this 6th of November as it’s observed on the full moon day of Phagun (12th) month in Hindu calendar. It is one of the best occasions to experience Pushkar at its happiest. Holi festival is celebrated by Hindus across India and across the globe for the victory of good over bad. Come holi and the streets will reverberate with the chants of Holi hai…..People enjoy the day with colors, music, dance, sweets and “bhang”..!

There is also a tradition of consuming the very intoxicating bhang on this day to further enhance the spirit of Holi. It is so much fun to watch the otherwise sober people making a clown of them in full public display. Some, however, take bhang in excess and spoil the spirit. Caution should therefore be taken while consuming bhang delicacies.

Pushkar Holika Dahan Muhurta

Holika Dahan Muhurta = 18:31 to 20:59
Duration = 2 Hours 28 Mins
Bhadra Punchha = 05:36 to 06:56
Bhadra Mukha = 06:56 to 09:09

Purnima Tithi Begins = 20:57 on 4/Mar/2015
Purnima Tithi Ends = 23:35 on 5/Mar/2015



Ganesh Festival 2014 Pushkar

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh. And Like always Pushkar is set to lead the way when it comes to Ganpati festival. For 10 days, from Bhaadrapada Shudh Chaturthi (Today) to the Ananta Chaturdashi, Ganesha is worshiped. Throughout the ceremony, Vedic hymns from the Rig Veda and Ganapati Atharva Shirsha Upanishad, and Ganesha stotra from the Narada Purana are chanted.
Pushkar is a place you need to be there on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.


Pushkar Festivals

Pushkar Festivals

Pushkar is the supreme place of pilgrimage and it has the distinction of having the only temple of lord brahma in entire word, besides the beautiful Pushkar lake, with its 52 magnificent bathing ghats,which make Pushkar an international tourist hub also. There is more to Pushkar than its alone mentioned characteristics. This undeniably true that culture tradition of India attract tourist from across the world and We know that what adds attraction and charm to indian cultural tradition is its fair and festivals which gives unique test of fun and pleasure to the people who enjoy and participate. Pushkar, being a principal cultural centre of india and its Hindu tradition, is not untouched with there fair and festivals which are celebrated through out the year by all section of people. So far as festivals in Pushkar are concerned, they are numerous and to name and discuss major of them which are celebrated by the natives and witnessed and many a times participated by foreign tourists viz. Diwali Festival , Holi Festival, Kite Festival , Ganesh Festival , Gangor, Teej, Savan Festival, Rainy Fairs, Dashera, Pushkar Fair etc.


Kite Festival

Pushkar Kite Festival

Makar sankranti is one of the most auspicious day for the Hindus, . Thousands of the devotees take a dip in holy Pushkar Lake and pray to Lord Sun. The People of Pushkar not only look reverentially up to the sun, but also offer thousands of their colorful oblations in the form of beautiful kites all over the skyline. In Pushkar, Makar Sankranti is celebrated by the flying of kites. Not only Indians tourist but foreign tourist celebrate kite festival by flying colourful kites and they get mixed with local people.

According to the Hindu Calendar The Kite festival ( Makar Sankranti) is celebrated in the month of Pos ( 14 january ) It is believed that donating and offering certain eatable things Like Malpua and Gulgula (sweet dishes) to needy and begger removes the sins of the devotees. On the day of Makar Sankranti Pushkar Streets are seen filled with the people with gulgula and malpuas the roofs of hotels and houses are filled with people with holding kites and thread.