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Shopping in Pushkar, India | Pushkar Markets | Shopping Places | Shopping Opportunities | What to Buy in Pushkar

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]ushkar is the land of various colours, different moods and enigma visited by the people from all over the world for various reason. Primarily, it is a holy place famous for its Pushkar Lake, plethora of temple and last but not least various shopping articles known for their unique charm. Pushkar occupies an important place in Rajasthan as a source of souvenirs and visitor who visit this holy town definitely go to the Bazaar to purchases textiles, clothes with elaborate embroidery, ethnic jewellery which is specialty of Rajasthan, alluring miniature paintings, leather goods lovely brass utensil, mesmerizing puppets and poetry. Pushkar is considered to be one of the most interesting place in Rajasthan to buy costume jewellery and embroidered clothes.

At the time of Pushkar fair, one can purchase various item like beads, brass utensil, lovely colourful bangles, leather goods, unique embroidery clothes camel cover, and much more. Major Shopping areas in Pushkar are Sadar Bazaar, Near mela ground.

[tabgroup][tab title=”Handicrafts Shopping in Pushkar”]Pushkar has become the hot spot for buying Handicrafts articles. The most commonly preferred articles are Tie-and-Dye Fabrics, Paintings, Finely Cut Precious Stones, Wood and Ivory Carving, Lacquer Work, Fine Block Printed Textiles, Enameled Jewelry and Pottery[/tab]

[tab title=”Garments Shopping in Pushkar”]Pushkar is one of the most important centers for readymade garments, handicrafts, embroidery; fine textiles and other home furnishing articles. There are around 40 major exporters, who are involved in this business. They export the garments to European Countries, USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore etc.[/tab]

[tab title=”Other”]Pushkar has become the world renowned centre. Roses in its different verities viz. pink blue, white, red, and yellow are found in Pushkar and its surrounding villages, which gives this tourist centre fascinating romantic atoned with love faith and spirituality. Not only this the product of roses are being liked by native and foreign tourists[/tab][/tabgroup]

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