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We know that the founder of Apple Co. Steve Jobs come to India in search of spirituality, Sadhus and Sages. He was particularly interested to visit s monk of Hanuman Temple named Neem Karauli Baba. Any way many of us the foreign as well as native tourist do visit Pushkar in search of a Guru – a Preceptor, a sadhu, who guide him real path to truth and spirituality.

In a common parlance a Sadhu or Sages is an extremely Wiseman or an esteemed man who is judicious, sagacious possesses sound judgment and parlance and who can guide us on the right path in the life. Thus a real Sadhu or Sages is he who has undergone penance and meditated for years, and has gained placidity-coolness of mind, he is a person who does not crave for avarice and greed – material gains, his soul deeply in shelter of God – he be a man of God – realized soul pure soul. He should have no will or wish of his own. He should leave himself completely as mercy of God. He should be ready to serve the humanity- a role model of survivor of sacrifice.

adhu-in-pushkarPushkar is the supreme pilgrimage centre of Hindus and shrine which commands reverence from all sects of Hindu regions. Pushkar has witnessed many ups and downs way back in 200 B.C. Boudh Monk of Pushkar had visited Sanchi- Stoop near Bhopal. There after Jain monk also stayed here as it was known as Konker Teerth of Jains. With the passes time, Pushkar was captured by the Gujar kings. But ultimately the supreme seer and monk of Hindu region Swami Shankaracharya pledged to restore the glory of hindus by unseating Gujars, He hounded over the reign of Pushkar to Sanyasi Sadhus of different ranks. Giripuri, Saraswati and Bharti in the 12th centuries consequently the deity of Lord Brahma was also enshrined in Brahma Temple. Since then Pushkar has enjoyed the protection patronage of Sages, Monks, and Seers of different sects viz: Darshan, Sanyasi, Nirmal, Udaseen, Ramsnehi,

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