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Gurudwaras in Pushkar – Gurdwara Singh Sabha

GURUDWARA –  Gurdwara Singh Sabha

This is significant that the annual fair of Kartik Purnima (the full moon – night ) is held at Pushkar on the birth day of Guru Nanak dev, the founder of Sikhism in India, which enhances its prominence. This is interesting to note that Guru Nanak visited Pushkar in the year 1509 AD to have a holy dip in Pushkar Lake on the full moon night of Kartik Purnima, on his birthday.

This place of religious and political significance was also visited by Guru Govind Singh on the same auspicious day i.e. on Kartik Purnima in the year 1706 AD to have a holy dip in the lake at Gau Ghat. He held a conference with the contemporaneous Rajput rulers to enlist their support for deliverance motherland. He is believed to have encamped at Pushkar for over a week and gave Hukumnama to Pundit Chetandas, which is still in the possession of Pundits descendants and bears certificate by the management of Golden temple Amritsar for its validity.

A small Gurudwara building was constructed at Pushkar in the beginning of 19th Century to commemorate the visits of both Guru Nanak dev and Guru Govind singhji. This has been demolished for its renovation and reconstruction about five years back and vast unique Gurudwara building of white marble has been put up spread over pushkar-gurudwara10 Bighas of land in its place. Through large scale Kar sewa under the able and worthy guidance and direction of renowned Sikh saint and veteran Kar Sewak Baba Lakha Singh the present monument was built. Baba’s head quarter tagged with scores of charitable units from Schools to Hospitals and Inns running Langar in Kota city of Rajasthan. The Gurudwara at Pushkar has been formally inaugurated on 23rd October 2005 albeit the Kar Sewa is still going on and regular Langar – Prasad is also distributed daily.


Kanbay- Ksheer Sager Temple India

Kanbay (Ksheer Sager (Lord Vishnu’s Residence) is situated in Pushkar forest,(pushkararanya) bank of the river Nanda (Saraswati) 08 K.M away from Pushkar town. Here Lord Brahma took birth from Lord Vishnu’s navel lotus. Lord Vishnu killed two demon  Madhu and Kaitabh and he gave order Lord Brahma to perform penance (self mortification). After self mortification Lord Brahma created the world. Lord Vishnu came
again on the earth as a Aditi’s son. To set an example He (Lord Vishnu) performed penance ( Self mortification) for ten thousand years on one leg. Lord Shiva also came with him and He (Lord Shiva) performed  penance (Self mortification) for nine thousand and one hundred years. Lord Som (The Moon) performed penance  (Self mortification) for one thousand  years. God of Fire (Agni Dev) performed penance  for four thousand years. The Yaksha Pushp mitra performed penance  for one thousand years and he became Kuber ( God of Money).
Sheshnag performed penance  hanging on the tree for one thousand years without  taking any food . Himwan performed penance  for eleven hundred years . In this area Saraswati (Nanda) does the chanting of Vedas Which can be understood by only highly spiritual person.  Aditya
(The Sun)  ,Vasu, Rudra, Marudgana, Ashvini Kumar Gandharva, Kinner, Nag & Varun they all performed penance  in this area.
2. At the end of the Satyuga Lord Brahma organized Yajya in pushkar. Lord Vishnu stayed at Kanabay (Ksheersagar). And he protected the complete activities of the Yagya. Here in Kanbay secret and Silent prayer and worship has done by lord Brahma. He also performed  circumlocution of 72 K.M. (24 Kosi Parikrama) silently.

3. When Lord Rama came in  Pushkar with Sita and Laxman. They also stayed here and performed penance  for one month secretly & Silently.

4. At the time of Lord Krishna incarnation once two prince Hans and Dimbak came in Pushkar. They became very powerful because of Lord Shiva’s boon. They tortured hermit  Durvasa.
Although Durvasa was powerful hermit but he knew the Lord Shiva’s  boon to Hans and Dimbak. So he went to Dwarika and narrated  the whole story to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna challanged both princes and invited to fight in Pushkar Forest Lord Krishna came with his army and brother Baldav While Hans and Dimbak came with their friend Vicharkra ( A great powerful demon ). A big war was fought .  Eighty seven thousands Elephants and three hundred million horses were killed in this war. At last Lord Krishna killed the demon Vichakra with a Agniban (fiery arrow) . Hans and Dimbak ran away to Mathura . Lord Krishna went their and killed them . He came back here in pushkar. All hermits with Durvasa worshiped Lord Krishna the day was Lord Krishna’s Birthday (Krishan janmastmi) from that  day in Kanbay (Ksheersagar) the celebration is continue yet for last five thousand years. When all hermits and holy men (Rishi and munies) requested him Lord Krishna made promise to come in Pushkar Fair with Radha. People belives that Lord Krishna comes every year in Pushkar Fair with Radha.

5. Vedvyas (Krishna Daiwapayan ) who himself an incarnation of  Lord Vishnu made his residence (Ashram)  Near Kanbay at the bank of Nanda. He wrote purans and divided the Vedas here. Rishi chyawan (A hermit) who performed penance the sun here. He made  his residence (Ashram)  near Kanbay and the sun came here therefore the people know this area as  a Soorajkund Village.

6.  Prachi Nanda Sarswati Junction (Sangam) :  This area started from Kanbay and goes up to Mandka  (Nand)  . At the time of yajya third day Lord Brahma told the people  to go and  take holy bath in sangam in pushkar  forest. This sangam area situated in western part of  pushkar  where is dense dates  plants forest. This sangam area lenth is 4 k.m. from Kanbay  to  Nand .  Here is most ancient statue of Lord Shiva near Makareshwar and Lord Vishnu’s oldest statue of  the world in Kanbay. Near here at the bank of  the Nanda  river   seven hermits  (Sapt Rishi’s)  residence (Ashrams) were situated . The Dharma ( relgion) came himself here and gave boon to Nanda (Saraswati) therefore this area became holy place .
According to Purans the people who donate land and gold here they get  eternal ( Akshaya fal) and get success every where. The people who take  holy bath in Nanda and Ksheer sagar and worship Lord Vishnu with Laxmi they get prosperous life. And Lord Vishnu fulfils the desire of every devotee.


Jamdagni Kund and Punch Kund Pushkar | Tourist Attractions

Punch Kund and Gau Mukh

Panch kund is 2.5 km away from pushkar towards east direction. The temple is dedicated to five Pandavas and to Krishna. The five kunds are called Naga, Surya, Ganga, Padama and Chakra. The temple is less than a century old, but the kunds are ancient. Black snake is worshiped at the Nag kund. It is believed that bath in this kund makes one immune to snake bite

Jamdagni Kund

Jamdagni Kund is situated about 2.5 km Naukhandi Hanuman on main ajmer pushkar road. It is located above the devrani jethani baori, in Nag pahar. Late Naga Arjun baba was the priest; who was earlier a Magistrate and judge in Bangladesh. This is the most prominent and lively ashram on the Nagpahar. It is a bit modern temple with over construction and over painted in blues and whites. It is a scenic spot. On the second and third day of deepawali, the Yamuna is believed to dispatch its water to the jamdagni kund, and bathing here is considered auspicious on those two days. Jamdagni was a hermit with majestic powers, which made him to get gifts such as Vaishnava Chapa or bow. Surya gave jamdagni an umbrella and sandals to save him from scorching heat. Jamdagni was proud possessor of the divine cow “kamdhenu” which could feed thousands. The cow became the cause behind his murder, then later on his son Parashuram gave him life again. Parashuram set out to destroy the Kshatriyas in anger of revenge.


Vaidhnath Temple Pushkar | Shiva Temple | Picnic spot Pushkar

Vaidyanath is one of the four important Shivalingas gurding four directions. It is considered as the re-creation of one of the 12 jyotirlingas. It is located at a distance of 10 kms in north east of Pushkar. A melted road reaches vaidyanath which stops by large Banyan tree. Creating this atmosphere of a vedic vatika (forest). It has five steeped reservoirs, which overflows from one into another, which looks like a beautiful spring. This is one of the famous spot for picnic. Dharamshala here provided place for cooking and Brahmchari Maharaj provides utensils.