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Pushkar – the Lotus

The word meaning of Pushkar is Lotus. Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner) is a symbol of Indian cultural heritage, deeply associated with Hindu mythology. It is believed the town and this universe came in existence as the lord Brahma through the lotus in search of appropriate place to perform sacred Yagna for beginning of this universe and the parts of flower fell on three places which were later known as Jyaistha, Madhya and Kanistha Pushkar.

Earlier the town used to combine the beauty of a Rose flower gardens and the serenity of pious Pushkar Lake. This spectacular site used to houses thousands of lotus flowers. But due to modernization and scarcity of water the lake has lost its identity as lotus lake, Because of visionary social activist the Lake is getting it’s identify back by growing Pink lotus in it. Although the process of cultivating Lotus is in experimental phase but we do believe that the lake will be crammed with lotus one day.






Rajasthan Lakes (protection and development) Authority Bill

If you are concern about Pushkar Lake this news is for you. Rajasthan High Court has banned construction on the catchment area of the lakes basin. The state assembly on Saturday passed the Rajasthan Lakes (protection and development) Authority Bill. Urban Development and Housing Minister Rajpal Singh Shekhawat said it provides for the development and protection of lakes and for the constitution of a lake development authority.

As per the bill, all lakes in the state except the private properties situated in such lakes shall vest in the state government and no person shall undertake any activity within the boundaries of Lake or use or draw any produce or water from a lake otherwise than in accordance with the permission granted by the authority.

The lake development authority has been given widespread powers and henceforth, the Ajmer Development Authority (ADA) will not only be the nodal agency for the Anasagar but also for the Pushkar Lake.

No construction will be allowed in the protected area without obtaining prior permission of the authority.




Monsoon 2014 – Pushkar Water Level 2014

Monsoon 2014 – Monsoon was not so soon but Pious Lake received appropriate water :-)

Just when many of us thought that the monsoon season was over, it came back in full fury, It has been raining hard since night and With good rains, lake has gained almost five feet the water level is still going up, and groundwater has been recharged.

The city witnessed heavy rainfall and pious lake gets around 5ft’ water and this rainfall turn Pushkar into a Romantic destination so why spend the monsoons at work! The best way to enjoy the rainy season is not in sipping hot tea and feasting on pakoras outside the office. Pack your bags, umbrellas and rain coats and get set to visit Pushkar.

Rain is always a mixture of joy and sorrows, the city’s drainage system spilled its guts out pointing out that problem of flooding is the result of old drainage points being covered up. Active administration of Pushkar took actions and Pushkar turned into a beautiful city again.


Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan, India

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]otus is the birth place of Brahma, the creator of universe. According to Hindu mythology, at the time of beginning of Universe a lotus flower sprang from the navel of lord Vishnu, One of trinity Gods and Brahma took birth from the said lotus. Brahma then threw a lotus flower to select suitable spot for the sacrifice (yajna). Lotus struck at particular place and water spurted from there giving it a shape of pious Pushkar Lake; which is even today revered as the supreme place of pilgrimage for Hindus. Beside pilgrims thousand of foreign tourist visits Pushkar to have a Holy dip in the Holy Lake.

The holy lake is an attraction by itself at Pushkar and has immense significance for the followers of Hinduism. According to the legends, the consecrated lake formed with the touch of Brahma’s louts petal, is belied to have miraculous heading and purifying water.

[tabgroup][tab title=”Pushkar Lake Ghats”]The Lake is hugged by 52 ghats, teeming with devotes and tourist. Most of the ghats are 300 years old and have innumerable small temple. Various ghats were built by former ruler which include Jaipur ghat, Bhartpur ghat, Gwalior ghat, Jodhpur ghat, Kota ghat, Sikar ghat along with Gau ghat, Varah ghat where pilgrims take holy dip for salvation[/tab][tab title=”Name of Pushkar Lake Ghats”]

Gau Ghat
Badri Ghat

Pachdevri Ghat

Varah Ghat

2. Zennana/queen marry ghat
3. Chir Ghat
4. Nagar ghat
5. Jaganath Ghat
6. Ram Ghat
8. Mukti ghat
9. Gangour Ghat

10 Badri ghat
11. Bhind bhadawar/ Nagar Palika Ghat
12. Vishram Ghat
13. Narsingh Ghat
14. Kurmanchi Ghat
15. Pachdevri Ghat
16. Hokra/ Ahilya Ghat
17. Varah Ghat
18. Banshi Ghat


108 Mahadev Ghat

Saptarishi ghat

19. 108 Mahadev ghat
20. Chandra Ghat
21. Indra Ghat
22. Gwalior Ghat
23. Bgula Ghat
24. Panch Pir
25. Jaisalmer/Kishangargh Ghat
26. Guru Gobind Singh Ghat
27.Man/Jaipur Ghat

[/tab] [/tabgroup]