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Roses and Pushkar

The holy town of Pushkar has a unique connection with lotus and roses. Lotus is the birthplace of Brahma the creator of universe. According to Hindu mythology at the time of beginning of universe a lotus flower sprang from the navel of Lord Vishnu one of trinity Gods. Brahma took birth from the said lotus, Brahma then threw a lotus flower to select a suitable site for the sacrifice (Yajana). Lotus struck at particular place and water spurted giving it a shape of Pushkar Lake which is revered as the supreme place of pilgrimage of Hindus.

Besides pilgrims thousand of foreign tourists visit Pushkar to have a holy dip in Lake and to pay obeisance to Lord Brahma, whose magnificent deity is seated in the marble lotus. Incidentally thousands of Lotus flowers were blooming in Pushkar Lake and nearby Budha Pushkar, till recently, but now disappeared due to sudden decline in rainfall and shortage of water. Fortunately Pushkar has become the world renowned centre of rose business. Pink, Blue, White, Red and Yellow roses are found in Pushkar and surrounding villages which give this tourist centre a touch of love, faith and spirituality.

Roses of Pushkar are peculiar in their sweetness and delicacy. One is tempted to recall the verse of an Urdu Poet who likened the rose petal to the sweet lips of a lady. Nowadays most of farms are full of rose gardens which are cultivated throughout the year; but in April, may and June they are produced in abundance. A Greek Poet has also recalled the beauty of Cleopatra (the empress of Egypt) who is said to have spread two feet layer of roses in a dinner hosted for her beloved Mark Antony. And she was fair as roses in May. According to Tuzke-Jehengiri Mughal Emperor Jehangir had visited Pushkar fifteen times. He was attracted by its beauty, grapes and the Lake, where he had built a palace for his stay. He had fondness for rose flowers and his beloved Noor-jehan used to take bath in pond full of roses. She is said to have invented rose scent here.

Rose and its Product

The rose is always associated with Beauty and Love, But it has also various other qualities as well. There around 10-15 sort of product are produced with the use of Roses few are

  • Gulkand: Gudkand is Hindi word which means Rose Gem or Rose sweet Pickle. Its a herbal product which is commonly prepared by rose petal and sugar and to make it more testy dry fruits and cardamom are used.
  • Rose Water: Rose Water is another useful product of roses, which is mainly used in enhancing beauty as eye drop. It is prepared by steam distillation, with any additives.
  • Other: Roses smell is the most exotic fragrance and it is used to produced other product like INCENSE , SCENT, OIL. Which are most liked by the foreign tourist.

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