Pushkar Puja

About Pushkar Puja

It is the human nature to be pure, perfect, at peace and successful in life. What should we do then? Only through obeisance and devotion before a holy form – God – One can be assumed of desired purity and perfection. That is why we visit holy river pond, lake or a shrine where we take holy dip perform ritualistic puja, offer prayer and get rid of all our impurities, imperfection, ills and feel fresh, rejoiced and energized.

Steps of Pushkar Puja

It is not without reason that a pilgrim or a tourist of any faith visiting pious Pushkar Lake, from across the world instantly feels fascinated to worship sacred lake under the guidance of wise priest and the rituals are: (Pushkar Puja (worship) Process).
After taking bath as per direction of priest, sitting at the bank of lake, one has to sing the prayer of god which symbolized welfare all.
Organise Pushkar Puja
There after putting towel on one’s shoulder and sprinkling pure water on the surface one is asked to speak/pray a hymn which are pray to God Almighty to remove and purify our outer and inner self and to infuse purity all around as well.
Before beginning the actual ritual of Pushkar Puja we are obliged to invoke God Ganesha (Elephant God).
Then we invoke and invite our Gods of real life viz. – Goddess Lakshmi and God Vishnu, Parvati & Shiva, Indra God of rain, Saraswati Goddess of wisdom, our Parents –Gods, Our Family God and all forms of God before proceeding the main ritual (Pushkar Puja).
And after proper ablution through sacred water and preserving handful water on palm as a mark of prayer and resolution one is asked to pray Vishnu (Great and leading God among trinity Gods) and latter the names of Hindu Calendar Year, Era, Country, on the bank of pious Pushkar Lake, through the individual names, Surname, on particular date, this puja ceremony is performed for the sake of removals of all diseases, ills, poverty, and for the welfare of entire family and for the nuances of all religious scriptures.

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