Pushkar Master Plan – For Development

If you are concern about Pushkar this news will bring a big smile on your face. Our state government is planning to draw a master plan to develop the holy town Pushkar and its surrounding area – Budha Pushkar, Madhya Pushkar etc.

State’s devsthan minister Amraram Chaudhary and Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Development Authority chairman Onkar Singh Lakhawat toured the town and its surrounding villages with a team of government officials and locals early this week. In a meeting held after an informal survey, the officials were directed to prepare a draft master plan of Pushkar once the cattle fair gets over on November 27.

As a Pushkarite we have this town really deserves global attention. It has much more than we think. Pushkar is a place where Lord Brahma the creator of universe performed great sacrifice for creation, the only temple of Lord Brahma in the world stands here with its ancient glory, Lord Rama offered ‘oblation’ to his departed father Dashrath while in exile, Lord Krishna meditated here, Arjuna the great warrior stayed here along with his consort Subhadra (Krishna’s sister), Sages namely Agastya, Vaamdev, Vishvamitra etc. performed meditation in their caves nestled in the Nag Pahar here, Mahatma Budha and other monk came here. Moghal emperor Zehangir came 15times and built his palace here, rose scent was invented by Noor-Zehan here; Fragrance of roses can still be felt in air here rose-products and textile items are exported globally etc.

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