Leather Items Shopping in Pushkar India

Leather items Shopping in Pushkar

Pushkar is a town for all, Whether you are traveler or trader you can find everything of your taste. Not only Textiles, Handicrafts, But you can easily find leather items in Pushkar. Although Pushkar is holy town but few Kashmiri family has established leather items product shop here including decorative and fashion product. In the recent years there are around 20 leather items shops has been established by different businessman including Pushkar Local businessman and outsider as well.
The most famous leather product is Rajasthani traditional shoes which are crafted by rajasthani artists who are specialized in this area. There are around 10-15 shop situated in Pushkar main bazaar where you can find Rajasthani traditional Leather shoes which are available in different sizes and colour.
Camel Leather bags and accessories are also became travelers and traders choice. Generally the leather product is imported from different districts of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

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