Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan, India

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]otus is the birth place of Brahma, the creator of universe. According to Hindu mythology, at the time of beginning of Universe a lotus flower sprang from the navel of lord Vishnu, One of trinity Gods and Brahma took birth from the said lotus. Brahma then threw a lotus flower to select suitable spot for the sacrifice (yajna). Lotus struck at particular place and water spurted from there giving it a shape of pious Pushkar Lake; which is even today revered as the supreme place of pilgrimage for Hindus. Beside pilgrims thousand of foreign tourist visits Pushkar to have a Holy dip in the Holy Lake.

The holy lake is an attraction by itself at Pushkar and has immense significance for the followers of Hinduism. According to the legends, the consecrated lake formed with the touch of Brahma’s louts petal, is belied to have miraculous heading and purifying water.

[tabgroup][tab title=”Pushkar Lake Ghats”]The Lake is hugged by 52 ghats, teeming with devotes and tourist. Most of the ghats are 300 years old and have innumerable small temple. Various ghats were built by former ruler which include Jaipur ghat, Bhartpur ghat, Gwalior ghat, Jodhpur ghat, Kota ghat, Sikar ghat along with Gau ghat, Varah ghat where pilgrims take holy dip for salvation[/tab][tab title=”Name of Pushkar Lake Ghats”]

Gau Ghat
Badri Ghat

Pachdevri Ghat

Varah Ghat

2. Zennana/queen marry ghat
3. Chir Ghat
4. Nagar ghat
5. Jaganath Ghat
6. Ram Ghat
8. Mukti ghat
9. Gangour Ghat

10 Badri ghat
11. Bhind bhadawar/ Nagar Palika Ghat
12. Vishram Ghat
13. Narsingh Ghat
14. Kurmanchi Ghat
15. Pachdevri Ghat
16. Hokra/ Ahilya Ghat
17. Varah Ghat
18. Banshi Ghat


108 Mahadev Ghat

Saptarishi ghat

19. 108 Mahadev ghat
20. Chandra Ghat
21. Indra Ghat
22. Gwalior Ghat
23. Bgula Ghat
24. Panch Pir
25. Jaisalmer/Kishangargh Ghat
26. Guru Gobind Singh Ghat
27.Man/Jaipur Ghat

[/tab] [/tabgroup]


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