Plan Your Pushkar Itinerary – Pushkar Visit, Pushkar Trip

Pushkar Visit in Half Day

( Pushkar itinerary 1 )

If you are arriving Pushkar by Bus (Pushkar has two bus stop You can Kick-start your journey from Varah Temple situated just opposite to Bus Stabd it takes not more than 20min. Now you can move to your next destination New Rang Nath Temple it’s beautiful Temple, But the entry to a foreigner is prohibited, The temple can be seen in 20-30min. After Visiting the most two beautiful destination you could move to Pushkar Lake for what pushkar is known. The nearest Ghat to New Rang Nath Temple is Jaipur Ghat (Sunset Point). It gives a piece of mind to gaze the beautiful Sun set at Pushkar Lake, even it will never disappoint you in the time of mid-day as well. Here you have Completed your Half Part of journey. Now you can start for Brahma Temple situated 500mtr. from the place you are. We recommend you to go on your feet, because way is gone through from pushkar market and If you are crazy about this the place for you. here you will find all shoppers Handicrafts, Western Garments, Jewellery, Leather goods and much more. Until you will reach to Brahma temple. you may have had shop enough. Now you may go to your places by another bus stop Marwar Bus Stand. (450mtr.). Note: If you arriving Pushkar by your own private vehicle Park it at Brahma temple and follow this plan in reverse order.

Eat: Eeither at Sun Set Cafe situated on the bank of lake, or Navaratan Restaurant situated near brahma temple.

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Pushkar Visit in One Day

( Pushkar itinerary 2 )

Morning: It will be great, If you start your journey from Pushkar Lake. Pushkar Lake is hugged by 52 ghats, teeming with devotes and tourist. Most of the ghats are 300 years old and have innumerable small temple. Various ghats were built by former ruler which include Jaipur ghat, Bhartpur ghat, Gwalior ghat, Jodhpur ghat, Kota ghat, Sikar ghat along with Gau ghat, Varah ghat where you make take holy dip for salvation(not essential). And After that you should visit Brahma Temple and New Rang Nath Temple It will really make your Morning.

Afternoon : After Visiting Pushkar Lake and Brahma Temple, You should give afternoon sation for Shopping as well and Pushkar occupies an important place in Rajasthan as a source of souvenirs and visitor who visit this holy town definitely go to the Bazaar to purchases textiles, clothes with elaborate embroidery, ethnic jewellery which is specialty of Rajasthan, alluring miniature paintings, leather goods lovely brass utensil, mesmerizing puppets and poetry. Pushkar is considered to be one of the most interesting place in Rajasthan to buy costume jewellery and embroidered clothes.

Evening : If you adventure Loving guy, you must go to Savitri Temple , The savitri hill is around 750 feet elevated by near by surrounding. Pilgrimage to savitri hill is 1.5Kms. It is strenuous and hard. It is believed that harder one tries, the more tapas (heat generated by penance) is gained.

Eat: Breakfast- You may have your breakfast at the restaurant situated on bank of Pushkar Lake: (Lake View Restaurant, and Raju Garden Restaurant) See More.

Lunch: Pushkar serves all types of food continental and Indian food you may take your lunch at restaurant situated near brahma temple.

Dinner: Continental Restaurant in Pushkar and Indian Restaurant in Pushkar.

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Pushkar Visit in Two Day

( Pushkar itinerary 3 )

Next Day:

For the Day One you may use the above plan, and Next Morning you should go to Pushkar Lake as well. and after that you should start for Ajay Pal Ji Temple you can hire either a bike or Camel Cart to Reach there. Bitumen road leading from the base of Savitri hill, will take you towards Kharekdi village. During initial 3 kms. The road passes through forest which is unexpected is thar desert. As you reach close to kharekdi village the forest replaced by sand dunes then the road passes through a valley surrounded by hills both sides. After journey of seven kilometers you will reach kharekdi. Just at entry into kharekdi the road divides in two. One passes through village and other by passes it. After covering 300 meters of by pass you will see a hand pump and dusty road on right side. You straight for 100 meters and then turn towards right. For next 3 kms the road is dusty and little dumpy also. It will take through houses and fields. The final 1 km of road is through rocky terrain. Here path is tortuous be careful and drive little slowly. Just before last 500 meters, there is a Bhairon ji temple from here you should turn to right to reach Ajay Pal. Along the pathway you have opportunity to watch village life. Herds of goats, school children and women folk with colourful Rajasthani dresses and man folk with colourful turbans. On this rout there in no restaurant so you advise to carry water bottle, snacks and camera with you. The rainy season (augest-october) You can see springs, canal check dams, water fall and small streams flowing there.

Note: Carry enough food & water with you

Evening: You should go to Sun set Point where you can chill out with foreigner and domestic tourist, and lots of entertaining activies also perform by local artist there.

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