Pushkar Garments Industry

Pushkar Garments Industry

Pushkar is one of the most important centers for readymade garments, handicrafts, embroidery; fine textiles and other home furnishing articles. There are around 40 major exporters, who are involve in this business. They export the garments to European Countries, USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore etc.

The size of garment industry can be assessed by sheer number of tailor (8,000) who are earning livelihood from this. Industries provides facilities to export of purchase goods by air or postal parcels. Readymade garments available in pushkar are two types, first are made from new and fresh clothes and while second categories garments are made from recycled fabric. Recycled fabrics are generally silk, lain, cotton etc. The second category item are relatively cheaper.

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PushkarGuide.com Fashion Directory provides computer based designing it leaves no scope for human error at various stages of production ample scope for new experiment so that a manufacturer can decide the best make of his choice for which we use software like CAD, CAM, etc so that our client get exclusive design for their uses..

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