Pushkar Business Information

Pushkar Business Brief history

Pushkar is a town for all season and in the past, beside being a reputed pilgrimage centre, it was famous for its rich crop of rose flower in pushkar and its nearly village and such initially in the 70’s Rose Growers were the only entrepreneurs who were doing thriving business of Rose Flower and its related products viz. Rose-Jam, Rose Water, dry and wet Rose petals & rose flower as well. This business was operated through out the country and was also done as a export trade as well, through exporters from Ajmer, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai etc. Looking the utility of this business, business from out side the Pushkar also hocked at Pushkar and purchased sizable position of land in Bighas and started growing rose flowers in their purchased land.

Other than Rose Flower looking to incoming of large no. of pilgrims small traders dealt in worship related items, neck-leads, Rosaries, Utensils used in worship and ablution rituals viz- replicas of statue pictures, portraits of different Gods & Goddess and other related items like- asan, cushion, made of clothes and blades of grass, crunch’s, wooden, shippers and sugar item for offering (Prasad) coconut shells, etc .

Potters and clay smiths were also doing their small scale business by supplying earthen pots for drinking water, tea, coffee, to restaurant and halwais (Shopkeeper of sweets shop).

The small pretty town also include International Textile Market and Show rooms, which has mad number of billionaires, here and has given employment to 8-10 thousand labors as tailors, salesman, domestic helps, cooks, etc.

Pushkar is one of the most important centers for ready-made garments, handicrafts, embroidery; fine textiles and other home furnishing articles. There are around 40 mazor exporters, who are involve in this business. They export the garments to European Countries, USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapur etc.

The size of garment industry can be assessed by sheer number of tailor (8,000) who are earning livelihood from this. Industries provides facilities to export of purchase goods by air or postal parcels. Ready-made garments available in Pushkar are two types, first are made from new and fresh clothes and while second categories garments are made from recycled fabric. Recycled fabrics are generally silk, lain, cotton etc. The second category item are relatively cheaper.

[tabgroup][tab title=”Major Exports”]


  • Rose and Rose Product
  • Apparels
  • Handicrafts


[/tab][tab title=”Major Foreign Exchange Counters:”] [infolist]

  • Mantri Food and Forex

[/infolist].[/tab][tab title=”Key Industries”][infolist]

  • Tourism
  • Clothing, Textiles
  • Handicrafts
  • Roses and its Products


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