Experience the magic of the monsoons

Desperately Needed Rain Finally Fall

To experience the magic of the monsoons, take a trip to Pushkar during Monsoon season the rainy season adds to the scenic beauty of Pushkar’s landscapes. There is greenery all around everyone enjoy it a lot as environment becomes so clear, cool and clean because of the fresh air and rainy water. Plants, trees and grasses become so green and look very attractive. New leaves are arising to the plans and trees as they get natural water after a long time of hottest summer. The whole environment gives a greenery look all around which is very nice for the eyes. From eating hot snacks and drinking steaming tea in the rain, to splashing around in the puddles or sheltering under an awning and watching the rain, there are many new experiences that only monsoons can offer.

Magic of the Monsoons


Kattey Song – Bhanwari Devi Folk Singer

 Kattey Song Original 

Originally, the lyrics of this song were written and sung during 15th century by Saint Meera Baai who was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Enriched with Rajasthani folk music and Bhanwari Devi’s soulful voice, this song fumes evergreen fragrance of seasonal as well as devotional music. Meera Bai’s lyrics inspire masses for devotional life. Rajasthani folk signing has been wrapped with Phad narration style which leaves an immortal impression of Rajasthani Culture. Her voice is widely known and accepted all over the globe.

About Bhanwari Devi Folk Singer

Queen of enchanting vocal capabilities, Bhanwri Devi is a true personification of Mother Saraswati (Goddess of Arts) who is a highly gifted one by God Almighty. With the combination of lush treble as well as mature bass, her vocal sometimes give a feel of a cheerful young singer whilst sometimes a solitude artist who seems to call the whole universe through her magical voice. Harmonious singing as well as utmost perfection over singing intricacies makes her unique and of course an adorable one. Bhanwri Devi was born at Balara Village, Lakshmangarh which is situated inSikar district of Rajasthan, India. She brought immense pleasures to her family but misfortune shocked her by the sudden demise of her mother when she was just 6-7 years old. But as it’s said that thousands of doors open if one gets closed, the same way Bhanwri was supported by her uncles and of course they were her teachers who imparted her vocal as well as music knowledge. At the early age of 14 Bhanwari got married to BuddharamNayak and this was the time period when she started Phad Narration (Musical Story Narration). Luckily her husband and mother in law, both were good singers so she started singing along with them. Misfortune never left Bhanwri’s course of life and consequently her husband passed away in the year 2004. Bhanwri Devi is 45 years old now and she is having 9 children (six Boys and 3 Girls).

Contents Courtesy :- Roots of Pushkar Records


HRIDAY and Pushkar

[toggle_box title=”What is HRIDAY (Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana) ?” width=”Width of toggle box”]

Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, launched the Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) scheme, with a focus on holistic development of heritage cities. The scheme aims to preserve and revitalize soul of the heritage city to reflect the city’s unique character by encouraging aesthetically appealing, accessible, informative & secured environment.[/toggle_box]

[toggle_box title=”Which Cities are included in HRIDAY ? ” width=”Width of toggle box”]Cities identified for the HRIDAY scheme are Amaravati, Gaya, Dwarka, Badami (Karnataka), Puri, Amritsar, Pushkar-Ajmer, Kanchipuram, Vellankani, Warangal (Telangana), Varanasi, and Mathura. [/toggle_box]

[toggle_box title=”What is the amount allocated under this scheme ? ” width=”Width of toggle box”]

City Project Implementation City PMU Establishment Administrative and Operating Expenses IEC DPRs ad HMP Development Capacity Development Total * Amount in INR Crores
Ajmer 35 0.79 0.25 1.5 1.5 1 40.04
Amaravati 20 0.52 0.24 0.5 0.5 0.5 22.26
Amritsar 60 1.05 0.27 3 3 2 69.31
Badami 20 0.52 0.24 0.5 0.5 0.5 22.26
Dwarka 20 0.52 0.24 0.5 0.5 0.5 22.26
Gaya 35 0.79 0.25 1.5 1.5 1 40.04
Kanchipuram 20 0.79 0.25 0.5 1 0.5 23.04
Mathura 35 0.79 0.25 1.5 1.5 1 40.04
Puri 20 0.79 0.25 0.5 0.5 0.5 22.54
Varanasi 80 1.05 0.27 3 3 2 89.31
Vellankanni 20 0.52 0.24 0.5 0.5 0.5 22.26
Warangal 35 0.79 0.25 1.5 2 1 40.54
Total Allocation to Cities 400 8.91 3 15 16 11 453.9

. [/toggle_box]

[toggle_box title=”What is the duration of HRIDAY ? ” width=”Width of toggle box”]HRIDAY is a central sector scheme, where 100% funding will be provided by Government of India. The duration of this scheme is four years i.e. from December 2014 to March 2018. [/toggle_box]

[toggle_box title=”What are the benefits to Holy Town Pushkar ?” width=”Width of toggle box”]As per Times of Ajmer 17 crores have been sanctioned for the beautification of Ghats at Pushkar. Restrooms and changing room will be constructed for the number of visitors that throng the place. And The word famous temple of Lord Brahma will be repaired and proper parking facility will be constructed.

. [/toggle_box]



Pushkar – the Lotus

The word meaning of Pushkar is Lotus. Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner) is a symbol of Indian cultural heritage, deeply associated with Hindu mythology. It is believed the town and this universe came in existence as the lord Brahma through the lotus in search of appropriate place to perform sacred Yagna for beginning of this universe and the parts of flower fell on three places which were later known as Jyaistha, Madhya and Kanistha Pushkar.

Earlier the town used to combine the beauty of a Rose flower gardens and the serenity of pious Pushkar Lake. This spectacular site used to houses thousands of lotus flowers. But due to modernization and scarcity of water the lake has lost its identity as lotus lake, Because of visionary social activist the Lake is getting it’s identify back by growing Pink lotus in it. Although the process of cultivating Lotus is in experimental phase but we do believe that the lake will be crammed with lotus one day.






Holy Town gathers to clean up feeder and water canals

On this weekend, the town gathered to clean up the feeder water canals of Pushkar Lake. The feeder channels constructed under National Lake Conservation Project were in terrible condition due to improper maintenance. An initiative Shramdaan were taken by Local Media Agencies and social activist to bring people together and make small contribution for Pushkar Lake, and they succeed too.

Residents, including children were seen with great enthusiasm participated in the cleaning activities drive that lasted for three – four hours. It was really a much needed step before monsoon to raise the water flow in Pushkar Lake.
Just look out a statement made while construction of feeder in year 2010 “If earlier only 6% of rain water made it to the lake now with a lot of work done on lining the feeders, the lake should receive 50% of the rain water.” But due to improper maintenance of feeder the figure is much far.
There is an urgent need of timely and efficient actions. Let’s take the responsibility in our own hands we must not hesitate to take the minute steps on our behalf. We being the youth must try to contribute in every possible way and make Pushkar a truly smart city.
PushkarGuide.com salutes the spirit of Pushkarites. And appreciate the effort made by active media houses of Pushkar, whatsapp activist Nathu Ji (https://www.facebook.com/nathusharma) and Amit bhatt (https://www.facebook.com/amit.bhatt.98229)for priceless effort.
The efforts and enthusiasm won’t go in vain and We wish that the rain gods will smile at the temple town of Pushkar and we will see a huge flow of water coming from Kharkheri Feeder , Savitri Feeder and Pushkar Feeder towards Pushkar Lake. :-)

Images Gallery of Shramdaan

Dust storm rajasthan news

Dust storm hits West Rajasthan

A powerful sandstorm hit Pushkar on Tuesday causing widespread damage to private and public buildings in the city including power outages. The storm first hit Jaisalmer around 2 pm with wind speed of 80 kmph, later shifting to Phalodi and Barmer by 3:30 pm with winds gusting up to 90 kmph and 80 kmph, respectively. A sharp drop in temperature coincided with the dust storm, falling almost five degrees The storm with high velocity winds was generated due to pressure gradient force over Bikaner region and soon advanced to Jodhpur, Nagaur, Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur and nearby areas, according to MeT department in Jaipur.

And incredible pictures taken


Pushkar Facts – Interesting Facts about Pushkar – Facts about Pushkar

 Pushkar Facts – Interesting facts about Pushkar


  • Pushkar is the most loved tourist destination in Rajasthan by foreign tourists.
  • Rose Scent was invented in Pushkar.
  • The small pretty town has 500 Temples and called Town of Temples.
  • World’s Largest Camel fair is organised in Pushkar.
  • During the rains, people some time find here punch-marked Hindu coins, which are held to be the most ancient century BBC; also Bactrian, Greek, Kshatrapa, and Gupta silver coin. These shows Pushkar was in existence in the fourth century B.C. Several kinds of silver and copper Somaldeva, Someshwara, and Prithviraja’s copper coins, as well as Pathan and Mugal coin are also found here.
  • No pilgrimage of Hindu pilgrim is complete till a Holy Dip in Pushkar Lake.





TV Commercial of Idea Cellular – IIN – Chef

A recent TV Commercial of Idea Cellular was filmed here in Pushkar – The brand Idea is known for its creative ads whether it is Walk-n-Talk, No ullu banawing or the IIN (Idea Internet Network). The IIN ads have targeted a varied consumer segment where it portrays people who couldn’t complete their studies for whatever reasons, finally looking content after having joined IIN.

This advertisement tells the success story of a chef, who started a food chain named Lake View café by obtaining knowledge from IIN. With a beautiful location of Holy Town Pushkar and creative concept this Idea ad film is worth watching. :-)

Watch TV Commercial of Idea Cellular IIN


Uttar Pradesh government announces free pilgrimage to Pushkar Ajmer

Uttar Pradesh government announces free pilgrimage to Pushkar Ajmer in Rajasthan for senior citizen with other five shrines Jagannath Puri in Orissa, Dwarka in Gujarat, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has reportedly issued instructions to the Department of Religious Affairs to run at least one train for pilgrims at the government’s expense every two months to various religious places.

Special trains will be booked by IRCTC, each carrying 1,000 pilgrims along with the staff whose names will be sent by District Magistrates.

Source : indianexpress.com



Rajasthan Lakes (protection and development) Authority Bill

If you are concern about Pushkar Lake this news is for you. Rajasthan High Court has banned construction on the catchment area of the lakes basin. The state assembly on Saturday passed the Rajasthan Lakes (protection and development) Authority Bill. Urban Development and Housing Minister Rajpal Singh Shekhawat said it provides for the development and protection of lakes and for the constitution of a lake development authority.

As per the bill, all lakes in the state except the private properties situated in such lakes shall vest in the state government and no person shall undertake any activity within the boundaries of Lake or use or draw any produce or water from a lake otherwise than in accordance with the permission granted by the authority.

The lake development authority has been given widespread powers and henceforth, the Ajmer Development Authority (ADA) will not only be the nodal agency for the Anasagar but also for the Pushkar Lake.

No construction will be allowed in the protected area without obtaining prior permission of the authority.