Hindu Pilgrimage -Teerth Raj Pushkar

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he renowned historian Col. James Tod describes in his book Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, Pushkar Tirth as the supreme place of pilgrimage and king of all sacred place in India, with witch only Mansarovar in Tibet can compete. There is of course, reason behind it and that its unique quality and spirituality, which rarely presence elsewhere. This is only Pushkar, which can boast of calming that no pilgrimage of Hindu pilgrim is complete till a Holy Dip in Pushkar Lake, That is why Hindu pilgrims unfailingly visit Pushkar after undertaking pilgrimage of Tirth any or four direction of country i.e. Badri Narain in North, Rameshwaram in south, JaganNathPuri in west or any other big or small located in his related itinerary. This is why Pushkar is the supreme Hindu pilgrimage site and has become one of the most visited places in India by any sect of Hindus and not surprisingly even by other caste and tourist belonging to any faith from across the world.

[quote]We can witness the scenario during the International Tourist and cattle fair on the occasion of Kartik Purnima fair held usually in the month of October or November every year and tourist and pilgrims alike enjoy the picturesque Pushkar Lake and the surrounding town area including Mela (Fair) ground, which pulsates with Life.[/quote]

There is a unique Temple of Lord Brahma, the creator of universe, which is situated in the western end of town. The deity of Brahma seated in crossed leg posture and camouflaged and beautifully carved a white marble lotus flower along with its two Godly Sentinels i.e. Intra and God of wealth, standing opposite each other in its vast premises, plus “Swan” as its chariot and different Gods, present and a soothing look, which is a source of inspiration and mental piece to the visitors of every faith as there is no restriction of any human beings in this temple. tirth-raj-guru-pushkar

There are numerous other stories depicting spiritual significance of Pushkar. This is believed that there are four categories of Hindu Tirthas in its hierarchy of descending order i.e. Daiva Tirtha Created by the male trinity Gods, Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, Asma Tirtha crated with destruction of of demons by tirth related with austerities penances and sacrifices of renowned place create by men preferably by rulers of solar and lunar dynasties. Rated on the criteria- Pushkar stands height among them; because it qualifies on above all scores. It was chosen by Loard Brahma while both Vishanu and Shiva attended the said ritual that the former held for the creation of earth. Second the demon Bakkasur who perform penances in Meru Valley propitiate Brahma was destroyed here by Pradumana (the son of Krishna). Shiva also took the form of goat to kill demon Yaskali here. Third the sages Agatya, Bharitrihari, Kashyap, Jandagni, and Kapil, Markandeya, Pulstya even Yamma the god of death, are believed to have performed penance here. Not only has this evened Lord Rama and Krishna, Arjuna, Pandawas, and even Adi Shankaracharya, Guru Nanak, Govind Seth pay obeisance to Pushkar. All these facts make Pushkar a supreme Hindu Pilgrimage Site.

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