Dussehra – Pushkar Festival

The holy town Pushkar gathered at Mela Ground Pushkar to celebrate the great festival of Dussehra on October 22 (Thursday). It is a festival that marks the victory of good over evil. After the event of Ramlila (a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Rama) it was the final performs on the tenth day a battle between Rama and Ravana. Lord Ram is made to shoot an arrow of fire at Ravana and the huge figure is burnt.

Like all festival the town celebrated this festival with great enthusiasm. A huge procession of Lord Rama reached to Mela Ground where n the middle of the ground effigy of Ravana, that can be seen from afar. Various events were performed and the entire ramlila was presented briefly. The burning was the climax of a day full of activities celebrating Dussehra, along with a fireworks display.

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