Diya Aur Batti Hum – Soraj, Sandhya and Babho in Pushkar

The most curious name Hanuman Gali is finally allotted to a lane (jawadiya gali) in Pushkar.  On the special occasion of 1200 episodes completion the Municipal Corporation of Pushkar and government of Rajasthan had renamed  Jawaliya Gali as Hanuman Gali officially.
It was a crazy view, when public coming from different corners of Pushkar and Ajmer  waited eagerly for the TV stars  Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela), Sandhya (Deepika), Suraj (Anas Rashid)  to arrive at Ceremony of Renaming a Lane to Hanuman Gali. And when it happened, the crowd went gaga.
Deepika, who plays the role of Sandhya on the show DABH, posted the snapshot of the article and wrote, “In today’s #Bombaytimes. Yes it’s true,thank you so much for this love. We are going on 5th Dec to #pushkar #Rajasthan. So all the #pushkar #Rajasthan fans don’t miss this chance to meet us. She continued, “Friends,This whole trip is organised solely by @shashisumeetproductions specially for #Diyaaurbaatihum fans. Thank you #Sumeet sir for this initiative.” DABH has been topping the TRPs from the time it was aired in 2011.
Deepika gave a beautiful message to keep the Holy town Clean and friendly for pilgrims and tourists. salutes the crew of Diya Aur Baati Hum for promoting the Holy Town at national level with great respect. We believe that the spirit will be continued…
Diya Aur Batti Hum – Soraj, Sandhya and Babho in Pushkar

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