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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are passionate Pushkarites sharing the city we love, serving locals and visitors with stories that inspire, and information to guide you.

[quote]At PushkarGuide.com we aspire to make it fun to explore the city. To make it easy and convenient for you to find and book what you’re looking for. With our recommendations and insight, you can choose tours and hotels, exiting activities.[/quote]

We are staunch devotees of Pushkar and trinity God. That means there are three Pushkar – Senior Pushkar belongs to land of Brahma, Middle Pushkar is of lord Vishanu and junior (which is paradoxical called Budha (old) Pushkar.) is that of Lord Shiva, are situated in the circumferences of 4-5kms. We are therefore committed to explore the significance, glory and beauty of Pushkar in its entirety and also give proper exposure to uniqueness in spiritual, cultural, historical, environmental, and natural importance of this small pretty town with its enormous tourism potentialities. And why not when the concept of tourism has taken different shaper form- Spiritual tourism, Eco- tourism, Cultural-tourism, medical tourism and rural-tourism and so on, Pushkar represents all these genres and We are there to attract and acquaint the tourist and pilgrims about its every aspect.

We connect you to Pushkar, through service and technology. When you book with us you are booking directly with our contracted partners; your transaction is serviced by a team of passionate travel and entertainment specialists. You can trust your purchase will be handed in a safe, secure and helpful manner.

Because we are born and brought up in sacred soil of Pushkar, we have served its serene beauty and classic culture. We belong to educated priest family, who are duty bound to treat the tourist and pilgrims as own god. We have helped Research scholar different native and foreign university, who have discussed ans unearthed the beauty enveloped by this Holy place in multi dimensional shape.


  • Promote sustainable development for the benefit of the Tourist, Traders and public, in the Holy town of India, Pushkar
  • Our First objective is to create a friendly environment for tourist by followings ways:
  • By Developing User friendly Services
    • Online Offline Support
    • SMS Services
    • 24*7 Contact Facilities.
  • By Establishment a Interactive Cell
  • For the direct interaction with Tourists.
  • For providing the proper information to Tourists.
  • For taking Care of each and every aspects of Tourists.

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We arrange quick and comfortable accommodation in Hotel/ Resort situated in or around Pushkar town according to your choice requirement. We enable you to make online reservation in Pushkar hotels, Pushkar guest houses, or Resorts. You may visit alone, in the company of your spouse, or friends, family or in a group, You can be just assumed that itinerary/journey and stay shall be care of by as right from your departure from railway station, Bus stand or airport by arranging taxi to Pushkar up to your hotel where you shall find clean, cozy and comfortable rooms as your demand and requirement. We at pushkarguide.com arrange from budget to deluxe (Gold, Silver) rates, smart and courteous services, looking after your need of money exchange, sight seen by expert guide camel and car safari, Desert Safari, plus Rajasthan or India tour.

We arrange your eatery, and food of different, taste as your order. We also arrange program of music, gypsy dance for your entertainment not only this, we also provide special discount on the shopping of textile, jewelry and other handicrafts Rose and its products etc.

PushkarGuide.com provides all the services with the guarantee of honesty and integrity at all the levels. Our customer at most satisfaction is our motto. Customer is God to us, so let us serve you with courtesy, smile and give us an opportunity to demonstrate our ability.

[/tab][tab title=”PushkarGuide.com Fashion Directory”]

PushkarGuide.com fashion directory is owned and published by PSO (Pushkar Service Organization). It is the only leading electronic media which provide information connected with Pushkar- Tourism, Business Trade etc. It contain utmost complete list of major Export house, Textile Manufacturer, and Fashion Designer ,Fashion Companies, wholesaler and retailer. PushkarGuide.com Building Bridge between Garment Exporter and Importer. Whether You are an Garment Exporter or Importer, we provides an appropriate platform which give access to relevant information name of dealer (kind of his business, about his business etc.) it is also define medium for deal as well. It enables you to choose the export house of your choice, items, mode of payment, and delivery option of your choose as well.

Services Of PushkarGuide.com Fashion Directory

PushkarGuide.com Exporter/ Importer Panel helps the concerned user/manufacturer to understand specific needs of their client and cater it in the exact manner of their need.

With PushkarGuide.com Fashion You may avail our services


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